Stella Cidre - Three Apples

Director: Adam Hashemi | Prod. Co: Reset 

Beats - Above The Noise

Director: Terence Neale | Prod. Co: Park Pictures

Whatever's Next

Dir.: Abteen Bagheri | Prod. Co.: Somesuch

The Coca-Cola Company

Director: Adam Hashemi | Prod. Co: Reset

Apple iPad Air 2 "Change"

Director: Mark Zibert | Prod co: Imperial Woodpecker

Giff Gaff

Director: Pensacola | Prod co: CANADA

Samsung FlexWash: One machine. Two washers.

Director: A.G. Rojas | Prod Co: Park Pictures

House of Fraser Christmas

Director: Ace Norton | Prod co: PrettyBird

Facebook Officially Rolling Out Facebook Stories

Director: A.G. Rojas | Prod Co: Park Pictures

Just Eat: Britain, Find Your Flavour

Director: Guy Manwaring | Prod Co: Sonny


Halfords - Street Rider

Director: Aoife McArdle | Prod co: Somesuch

Subway "Hitchhiker"

Director: Sam Hibbard | Prod co: Somesuch

Vauxhall: The A-Z of Corsa

Director: Bob Harlow | Prod co: Somesuch

Mercedes-Benz "Jack"

Director: Nick Gordon | Prod Co: Somesuch

Taco Bell Cheese World Takeover

Director: Abteen Bagheri | Prod co: Cap Gun

SMART Brabus

Director: Abteen Bagheri | Prod Co: Anorak

Converse Footlocker

Director: Henry Sholfield | Prod Co: Partizan

Harvey Nichols - Could I be any Clearer?

Director: Eric Lynne | Prod co: Partizan